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charles adams Email

Unit hhc,3/40th armor

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? may1961, to aug 1962 camp rose s 3 driver and bn mail clerk

City, State or Country that you live in now? denton tx usa

hi to all 1st cav troopers i was the driver of lt. thomas e carpenter 3rd. he was honor grad of west point class 1958 saw a lot of korea,msg. jones s 2 ncoic was also plt sgt of elvis presley before he ,msg jones ' was assigned to 3/40 armor in korea anyone from that time peroid that would like to chat email me.

Charles R. Knight Email

Unit 5th Bn 7th Cav.

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? VietNam 68-69

City, State or Country that you live in now? Thomaston, GA

I was a medic attached to A Co. 5/7. basedout of Camp Evans.

Thomas Foor Email

Unit B Btry 1/21st artillery

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? 12/68-12/69 Vietnam

City, State or Country that you live in now? Mechanicsburg, PA

My nephew is getting married on Memorial Day weekend in TX. My family and I will be visiting there for the first time and I am looking forward to visiting Fort Hood. I hope to see some of the Division property and the Museum.

James E. Morrison, Jr. Email

Unit 11M Charlie Company 2/7 1St. Cav

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? 1997-1998 Fort Hood

City, State or Country that you live in now? White Settlement

I knew at 7 years old that I wanted to serve my country. At 17 I started finding out what I would need to do to join.
No offense, but the Army was not my first choice, I originally wanted to join the Marines but was told that at 5'5" tall I was 1" too short to join the Marines.
I then tried to join the Air Force to be a fighter pilot, I heard they needed people who were great at math because pilots used a lot of math to fly and make bombing runs, I thought I would be a great candidate because I liked math so much I took every math class I that existed in high school, but I was told that even with glasses my vision was not good enough.
I then tried to join the Navy to try to be a fighter pilot but I was told my vision was too bad, again I was told that I was too short at 5'5" tall, and because I never learned to swim, I never needed to, I had no time to myself since I my parents divorced and I had to basically raise my brother and two sisters, and currently only keep in touch with the youngest sister because my idiotic brother likes to abuse women and children so I disowned him (but not until after I tried to help him but he didn't want my help), my oldest sister cares more about using guys for drugs and wants no help so I have nothing to do with her, thank god my youngest sister turned out ok, married and has three kids. Anyway, as the oldest of us four kids I had to be the grownup and no time for myself and never learned to swim and when I asked them if they could teach me they said they had better things to do.
So I then tried to get into the Army and was turned away the first time because at that time I had moved in with my dad who was dealing with cancer that is thought to have been caused from when he was in the Navy back in the 60's when they had to clean out Navy ships storage tanks that stored different types of liquids and they were insulated and lined with asbestos. So the Army said they thought it best that I wait a while to see how my dad is (better or worse).
I finally got the Army to accept me, but things kept going wrong which caused me to have to go on delayed entry. After all this happened as far as all the road blocks and hurdles keeping me out, I finally got in. I worked my but off, did everything they asked of me and more, BUT SFC. McClain made a comment about my dad being a less than perfect sailor and later a soldier in the Army (my dad caught an officer and my dad’s 1st wife at the time in bed together), my dad actually tried to kill the officer, but the officer jumped out the window causing him to only get shot in the butt (I would have shot my wife first for cheating on me, but that's me). My dad’s past was constantly brought up and because of SFC. McClain abuse, my ankle was broken; I received three concussions from SFC. McClain hitting me with the butt of an M16/203, and I have four discs in my back which are messed up, all because he did not like me from the start because of my dad’s military past, never mind all my uncles and cousins who were special forces and distinguished, and even a couple who received letters honoring them as hero’s and all I wanted was to be half the man that they were, but I was not given the chance.
I guess I should have seen all the problems of trying to join in the past as a sign not to join, but I wanted to serve my country, the Morrison’s have always been in the military, and if I could go back and change things, I would still join, but a different unit or MOS to try to avoid the racist and abusive Hell's Kitchen SFC. McClain, incase no one recognizes it, Hell’s Kitchen was in the news for excessive abuse and rapes before I got there, and seems to still be a problem. I never had a chance from the start and I wish there were active duty positions for disabled vets because I would rejoin in a heartbeat, people tell me I am crazy for that, but the life really was for me, maybe it’s because of how I grew up, I don’t know, but at least I can say I did not become a criminal like others who blame a broken home and abuse for the criminal acts they commit.
All problems aside, I truly loved what I did, I have not found anything else that makes me as happy as I was when I was actually able to go out and train and use all the different weapons and explosives, while regretting not being able to be by my friends side when they went to Iraq after 9/11.
Now I am just a disabled vet waiting for the end to come, since I believe in God and the teachings of the Bible, unfortunately, I have to wait for the end to come naturally, when it comes it will be more than welcomed. Hopefully the current veterans will receive better treatment from their branch of the military and the VA (Veterans Affairs Hospitals and Clinics) than those like me who have been fighting with them for years (14 years for me) who deal with the "I don't care about you" crap.
I will always feel that the part of my life serving my country is unfulfilled, it’s still feels like a bad dream, I want to go back to sleep so I can wake up in the real world and still be a soldier, but I guess I have to face and live reality as far as being just a civilian now.

francis mckiernan Email

Unit 13th signal bn

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? sept 66-87

City, State or Country that you live in now? king of prussia,pa


Wren Email

Unit E Btry, 82d Arty (AM) lstAirCavDiv

When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? 2/68---3/69

City, State or Country that you live in now? Port Orange, Fl

I have a couple of things I would like to say. lst off, a big "shout out" to all the Brother Cav folks !
I read almost all of the postings, and one in particular stands out to me. It was by Jimmy Pruitt, writing on behalf of his late Father.He says that his Father commited suicide due to alcoholism, and I must say that in itself is a sad thing to do. There are those that just aren't strong enough to fight the demons we all, in some shape or form, possess.I've had my share of beer in my lifetime, hell, enough to take stock in a few companies.I must have visited all the Guesthouses in Germany, or so it seems ! But I was lucky and strong enough to say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" and on Apr lst 1994, cold turkey, stopped ! I never needed the beer, it was my escape, or so I thought. Anyway, being I was a two time vet of Nam, I dealt with the war much differently than most. When I left Nam after the 2nd tour, I gave the sign of "the bird" out the window on my freedom flight, and never looked back, and I haven't. Jimmy, again, so sorry to read about your Dad

btw, next time, leave your email address. Hang tough !

Tom Adamski (SKI) Email


When and where did you serve with the 1st CAV? KOREA 1962/1963

City, State or Country that you live in now? DELAND, FLORIDA 32724

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